Consultant, Lecturer for the Technical University Ilmenau


The decisive impulse for my work as an intercultural trainer developed from a longer stay abroad. During this time, I have experienced many intercultural stumbling blocks.
In my education as an "Intercultural Trainer" with Prof. Bolten (Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Department of Intercultural Business Communication / interculture e.V.), I learned to connect and explain my intercultural experiences through current scientific foundations.
Linked to this wealth of knowledge, my customers in the business sector also benefit from my experience as a commercial employee in a software company.
Furthermore, I have a basic technical understanding from my previous activities in various research areas of glass industry.

It is very important for me to constantly deepen and expand my skills with extra-occupational qualifications.


As a consultant for ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL (on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development), I work actively in sustainable educational work.
The network of certified intercultural trainers Interculture Network e.V. offers me a active exchange with colleagues from all over the world. In this, I work as a regional head of Eastern Germany.
In order to remain agile in critical thinking, I mentor students in the further education course "Intercultural Trainer" at the University of Jena.



I like working with people with empathy, reliability and a healthy dose of optimism. Vivid discussions and dealing with the topics of intercultural communication are an enrichment for my participants and for me.

"You yourself are the answer." (Hermann Hesse)