Do you know these or similar situations?

The visit from the Gulf States is to be picked up from the airport.

How to greet the Arab guests properly?

Can men and women shake hands?
The customer in China has already copied a large part of the new products including advertising material and then called to praise the good cooperation.

What does intellectual property mean to the Chinese?
The new neighbours from Cameroon have invited to dinner.

Which present is appropriate?

What are the consequences of refusing the invitation?
For weeks, the German company and partner in France have been trying to adopt a common concept. After each final version, the French begin to renegotiate.

What do the French understand by a "concept"?

What can YOU do?

In my INTERCULTURAL TRAINING you will get to know and understand different ways of thinking and acting.

We develop solutions and strategies to work and live successfully with partners from other cultures.
"Our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction." (Francis Picabia)