Strategies for successful intercultural exchange
in modern working life

New Seminar

"Why an hour doesn't always take 60 minutes."

  • Since Autumn 2018:
    ACCREDITED CONSULTANT of RKW Thuringia and Ellipsis. Use the PROMOTION POSSIBILITIES for intercultural consulting!

    Ian O'Malley: 'Irish people make great diplomats and terrible politicians. Differences between Ireland and Germany' (Link).

  • 25.1.2019, TU Dresden, IN-DEPTH SEMINAR for teachers: "Intercultural Sensitivity in Teaching"

  • 7.2.2019, Erfurt, LECTURE South Peru: "Peru - Between History and Modernity"

  • 8.2.2019, Erfurt, LECTURE North Peru:
    "Mist warriors in the rainforest and mummies in the desert - on lesser-known routes through Peru."

  • 20.2.2019, TU Ilmenau, WORKSHOP for Doublemaster Students: "Preparatory seminar for the stay at the PUCP Lima"

"The disadvantage of intelligence is that you are constantly forced to learn more." (George Bernhard Shaw)