Intercultural awareness in teaching

Questions from teachers in seminars:

  • Should I adapt my teaching to the students´ culture?
  • Which No-Goes exist on a verbal and non-verbal level?
  • Which methods bring different cultures together?
  • When will I stop being tolerant and assert myself?
  • How to break through barriers in case of lacking empathy?
  • Can I require our standards from international students?

The aim of these further training courses is to become aware of one's own cultural orientations and to relate them to other patterns of communication and action.

Critical situations in dealing with students, who are accustomed to other learning cultures, can be recognised and irritation will be analysed and resolved.

This seminar can be extended to the countries China, India, Indonesia, Arab-Islamic countries and Russia.

"With new relationship patterns in the age of globalization, understanding and competence for the world must be developed." 
(Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, President of the Goethe-Institut)