Competence in dealing with international colleagues and business partners

Be safe and constructive in international business!

How do I greet my business partner correctly?

What are the differences in communication?

What is "polite" and what is "unpolite"?

How do trust and commitment arise?

What are the special features of body language?

How to deal with religious sensitivities?

Does the integration of other cultures into business processes bring more opportunities or risks?


Intercultural misunderstandings can affect relationships between business partners,
whether in the areas of marketing, personnel decisions or the adoption of a common concept.

In my further education we develop suitable strategies for your successful intercultural exchange in modern business life.

Lack of intercultural competence costs money
"... The vast majority of executives believe that improving communication across national borders would improve their company's financial performance:
89% expect higher profits, the same number expect more turnover and
86% expect a higher market share. ..."

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(Study by Economist Intelligence Unit[EIU] and EF Education First[EF], Survey of 572 senior executives worldwide in: VDI news no. 27/28 on 6 July 2012)

Business etiquette

Test your manners at the
„Harvard Business Manager“.
"The business of international business is culture." (G. Hofstede)